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Hunger games sociology - Free Essay Example

The eco-apocalypse movie that I have decided to do an analysis of is the first Hunger Games. Ive watched the whole trilogy as well as read the first two books, so Im familiar with the concept portrayed in the whole series. The movie Hunger Games was directed by Gary Ross, which is a direct correlation to the book with the same title written by novelist Suzanne Collins. The whole trilogy was written and published by 2010 which was before the first movie was released in 2012. A short overview of the whole trilogy is that the setting is in the unspecified future located in Panem, which is post-apocalypse North America. Due to an assortment of different disasters, famines, wars, ect. the people are placed in districts based on wealth, and due to rations and for the entertainment of the Capitol, kids from each district were chosen to kill each other. The trilogy revolves around this idea in futurist world and the protagonist fights back against the Capitol to fight for what is right. The Hunger Games includes examples of both Diamonds 5-point framework and Nolan Lenski POCET model throughout the movie, which raises the question if Panem can survive the inevitable downfall. Panem is home to 12 Districts that all serve importance to their land. Each District has a main job to do and they trade with others to be able to survive. For example District 3 is technology based, so they export firearms and electronics, District 6 main export is medicine, District 7 handles all lumber resources, District 8 makes clothes using kids at a adolescent age to do so. Much like the slavery in Mayan civilization, District 11 acted as slaves, where they were tightly controlled by the capitol because they were in charge of the food supply, meanwhile they were being underfed and poorly mistreated. Within the movie and much like most civilizations throughout the history of the world, power and wealth is a direct correlation to how your portrayed by other citizens and how the Capitol treats you. The movie starts out by telling the audience how a boy and girl ages 12 to 18 from each district get chosen to participate in what they call a reaping. Right from the start it shows the main character Katniss hunting animals to be eaten, unlike most previous societies where the men would go hunting and supply the food for their families and groups. Her weapon for hunting animals is a bow and arrow, which was very common during the Hunting and Gathering time period. This is a futurist world, so the fact that the poor people have to resort to using bow and arrows is showing how society mustve collapsed and the wealth shared between rich and poor grew far apart. Next scene shows a character named Gale pull out a piece of bread from his bag and offer it to Katniss, who then says oh my god, Is this real?. Fresh foods is scarce and really hard to come by in their society due to her exclamatory reaction to a piece of bread. Next important scene is where all the people from District 12 gathe r to see who is selected for the annual Hunger Games. While standing waiting for the names to be announced a video starts playing, probably made by Capitol, which states how this kids fight to the death for honor, courage, and sacrifice and the lone victor would serve as a reminder of our generosity and forgiveness. This is how we remember our past, this is how we safeguard our future. This is an example of the Capitol using media to portray mass murder to be something other than what is actually happening. The Capitol wants to show the citizens that you should be prideful and that it is an honor to fight to the death to represent your District and families. Katnisss sister got selected to be in the Hunger Games, but Katniss volunteered as tribute to take her spot in the battle, which has never happened in the reaping before. This is for several reasons, Katnisss sister is unskilled and very small, which in result means that she would be killed very early and likely have no chance o f winning. On the other hand Katniss is known around her District for having an amazing shot with the bow and arrow, and much older and mature to be able to have a real chance of winning and coming back home. Katniss final words to Gale before being sent off for the games in whatever you do, dont let them starve., which once again shows how scarce food is to come by in their specific District at least. Katniss is the girl selected from District 12, and the boys name selected is Peeta. They leave DIstrict 12 to head to the Capitol where the ceremonies are held. On the way there they are given a mentor named Mitch who has one the games in the past and help those two learn survival techniques, which includes gaining fan support or sponsors. During the games, sponsors can send you care packages with life saving gear, so it is a good strategy to become likable and entertaining. While at the ceremony, it shows how extremely wealthy they are, unlike many of the Districts. This is similar to past civil izations where the rich were filthy rich and the poor were dirt poor with really no inbetween. Everything about the ceremony shows how overly rich they are, the way people dress, eat, and the materialistic things that they posses. The majority of the movie is showing the actual Hunger Games, where 2 kids from each District are fighting for their lives against other contestants and natural causes that are completely controlled by the Capitol since it is a futuristic world. Throughout Panem the games are being broadcasted to the citizens so they can watch hoping that their loved ones will persevere and become the lone victor. At the end of couple weeks, the movie shows how only Katniss and Peeta are left standing, which due to rule changes stated that if the last 2 people left are from the same district then they can both survive. This was a rule change because they knew that everyone watching wanted to see a love story between the two. The final scenes are post-Hunger Games once Katniss and Peeta have returned as victors, despite making the Capitol very unhappy since they were considered underdogs and President Snow explained why he doesnt like underdogs. The Districts had no say in anything, they were completely controlled by the Capitol which had all the power in Panem. This style of government was a tyrannical dictatorship, which means that the President, in this case President Snow, had complete control over Panem, such as political and economic power. Propaganda is portrayed several times throughout the movie, the main example is when the Capitol will show the people of the districts videos that make it seem like their life isnt bad and that one day they will have wealth as well. Capital punishment issued by President Snow takes place at the end of the movie once Seneca, who is the head of the Hunger Games and a public figure working for the Capitol bends the games rules to allow for two winners instead of the traditional one. President Snow feels like it is an embarrassing and weak move to try to please the viewers who wanted both Katniss and Peeta to win, so in result he locks Seneca in a room with poisonous berries and it is inferred that hes killed. The Capitol due to its tyrannical dictatorship tries to control all of its citizens minds into thinking alike whether that be through propaganda or other deceiving strategies, which is called collective consciousness. In the movie, President Snow is talking to Seneca and asks him why do you think we have a winner? hope, hope it is the only thing stronger than fear. a little hope is effective, a lot of hope is dangerous. and that is fine as long as it is contained, so contain it This is a perfect example of how the government is giving people false hope that everything will eventually be good, so that they remain calm and follow order. So to instead of tending to the Capitol after winning the games and participating in the social norms, Katniss decides to be the face of the revolt against those in power. People never thought to not follow Capitols orders, due to the extreme fear that they implemented into the minds of the citizens and The Diamond model is demonstrated once a little girl from District 11 named Rue is killed during the games. Her death started a moab uproar in her district were the people started attacking and killing the peacekeepers, which are Panems police/army. This revolt is an example of societys response to problems that Jared Diamond talks about in his 5 point framework. Another example of Panem responding to problems is when the main characters in the movie Katniss and Peeta, who both were in the Hunger Games started to act out against the government by first both winning the games which has never been done before, but it the following movies all the district work together to sabotage the corrupt Capitol and overthrow it. This is very similar to the Mayan civilization which is believed to be overthrown by the peasants due to being overly controlled by their government. A fairly obvious correlation to the ancient world and the Hunger Games is the gladiator battles in the roman colosseum. In both cases people brutally murdered each other for the spectators enjoyment. Winning the Hunger Games gives the victor an abundance of spoils and glory, while gladiators would occasionally be granted freedom if they distinguished themself in battle. The common theme between the two is that the fighters were instilled with just enough hope, so they would never lie down and quit. President Snow even nefariously says that a little hope is actually a good thing. Winning the audience over proved crucial during the Hunger Games with viewers or sponsors sending in care packages which ultimately ended up saving their lives having medicine and food in it. During the gladiator fights gaining popularity was the difference between life and death, if they gave thumbs up you would survive, but if they thumbs downed you, you would be murdered. People spectating this extreme violence show a lot about how humans are subconsciously infatuated with violence and how our society chooses to respond to violence, even modern days the shows that get the best ratings are usually physical sports like football or boxing. Unlike many societies in the past, gender inequality doesnt seem to play a factor at all in the movie. Not once did Katniss encounter someone that had less hope in her chances of winning due to her gender, however the fact that she was from District 12, made her and Peeta underdogs in the games. Gender roles are shown a little bit in the movie, for example Katnisss dad died in a coal mine explosion and coal miners are always men, and the women would do things around the house such as take care of the kids, make clothes, and house chores. The Districts each seem to be different type of societies that have been seen throughout history. The higher Districts seem to use parts of the Hunting Gathering for hunting animals with bows and arrows, knives, and maybe spears. Horticulture and Pastoral is where basic farming and domesticating animals begin which Districts 9 and 10 main job for Panem is. Agriculture is the next type of society and District 11 handles all of the Agriculture in the movie. There are 3 Districts that I feel show Industrialization the best, these are 3,5, and 6 because they are control of technology, power and transportation. Finally Post-Industrialization is only showed by District 1, where the Capitol is, because their luxury lifestyle with advanced technolo gy and in the movie shows futurist objects that dont exist yet. Some of Diamonds 5 point framework of how societies collapse could show how Panem was brought about after previously being the United States and Canada. Climate change shaped the landscape of Panem, due to unspecified reasons of sea levels rising the land area is significantly smaller with the ocean moving in on all angles. Due to many disaster that took place within North America, the little amount of stuff that remained caused wars over which maybe have been with friendly or hostile neighbors, but either way it is apart of Diamonds societal collapse theories. Societys response to this problem was the Capitol would make 13 Districts, which they tried to revolt against the Capitol but were defeated and the 13th was completely destroyed. They called that time the Dark Days, because of that the Hunger Games was created as a reminder of that time and how it must not be repeated again. Nolan and Lenski POCET model is The Five Basic Components of Human Societies as stated in Chapter 2 of their book. Population is important aspect of the Hunger Games, because since Panem is separated into Districts there is trading between but need to rely on what your District has to survive. Katnisss Districts main job is to supply the Capitol with coal and they dont get much if any assistance from the Capitol to support their citizens, so in result food is a concern for many Districts. Due to their terrible living conditions families dont have many kids because they wouldnt be able to support them. Organization is very important to the Capitol, they have compl ete control over all of their citizens and brutally enforce the Districts to supply them with specific goods to better their own lives while treating everyone else like slaves. It is important for a society to make it possible for members to satisfy both their own individual needs and the needs of the society as a whole(Nolan Lenkski 38), and these practices arent being followed by the Capitol. Culture is shown throughout the movie whether it is shown through symbols or clothing. Some key symbols in the movie are the mockingjay pin Katniss got and kept with her during the games, the act of holding up 3 fingers which is shown when showing appreciation or admiration, but the movie doesnt tell if there is a more important meaning to the gesture. The most obvious sign of culture in the Hunger Games is while all the contestants are at the Capitol for the ceremonies the upper class citizens had exotic dresses with colorful hair and makeup on, even most of the men wore it as well. Environment caused a lot of chaos during the games itself. For example since the battlefield was completely controlled by the game makers they could control the environment and they made a forest fire, poisonous berries, and tracker jackers all to try and eliminate players from their game. Technology is prevalent in only couple DIstricts and is what the Capitol revolves their lives around. The futuristic lifestyle of the important people in the movie heavily relies on technology. The Hunger Games included many examples of both Diamonds 5-point framework and Nolan Lenski POCET model throughout the movie. This futuristic world has a great deal of problems that all stem from higher hierarchy, which is President Snow. According to both books and the resea rch that they have found, Panem in likely to collapse due to many mistakes made by the Capitol. It is only a matter of time before the citizens of the Districts follow previous civilizations and attempt to overthrow the tyrannical government. Reference Juenger, Kayla. Hunger Games Sociology Presentation., 6 May 2014, Rizzuti, Becki. Katniss Everdeens Relationships in The Hunger Games. HobbyLark, HobbyLark, 11 May 2016, What Caused the Apocalypse in the Hunger Games? Science Fiction Fantasy Stack Exchange,

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Paula Scher Research Paper - 915 Words

History of Graphic Design Nour Abou Ibrahim 201104212 Research paper Paula Scher BRIEF OPENING Paula Scher, also known as America’s first design lady, is a graphic designer, illustrator and art educator. The Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia is where Paula Scher majored in illustration and finished her BFA in nineteen seventy. As a student Scher abstained from graphic design as she was short of the required tidiness artistry, and she did not like aligning Helvetica on a framework. â€Å"The act of organizing the Helvetica type-face on a grid reminded me of cleaning up my room,† she admitted. Drawing was her tender spot, so she adopted an approach which was to illustrate using type Stanislaw Zagorski who was her teacher. He was the one†¦show more content†¦Conceiving images that communicates with the public’s feelings, the designs she made become observably equivalent to the New York retro movement. Retro art is a genre of pop art, is amplified during the nineteen forties and nineteen fifties, it was a reaction to the demand for courageous, attr active graphics. Scher had an eye for bringing together different typing, leading, churning and coloring blended together in a bold and very astonishing way. The â€Å"BAM!!!† effect to some extent has a flashing impact to the design which is her way of visualizing, expressing and exemplifying the retro by means of conventional methods. Fig:3 shows a poster done by Scher for the public theater, â€Å"A Retro Style†. Scher’s justification for her style and approach is plainly a counter for dissatisfaction with the type-face Helvetica along with her rebellious mind set, that differentiated her among other artist by breaking the so called â€Å"rules†. Influence of the Dada movement Dada movement started in nineteen sixteen, by a poet and artist named Tristan Tzara and Hans Arp. As a response to the killing, propaganda and firstly the first world war. Individualist groups joint together by means of similar concepts, even though these groups did not share a universal style, but since they all rejected the idealism, stale artistic and intellectual conventions and modern society’s unchecked embrace of ‘rationalism’ and ‘progress’. Dada wasShow MoreRelatedPaula Scher Research Paper902 Words   |  4 PagesHistory of Graphic Design Nour Abou Ibrahim 201104212 Research paper Paula Scher BRIEF OPENING Paula Scher, also known as America’s first design lady, is a graphic designer, illustrator and art educator. The Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia is where Paula Scher majored in illustration and finished her BFA in nineteen seventy. As a student Scher abstained from graphic design as she was short of the required tidiness artistry, and she did not like aligning Helvetica on a framework. â€Å"The act ofRead MoreEssay about Summary of History of Graphic Design by Meggs14945 Words   |  60 PagesDemotic Script, and Greek. The major deciphering of the stone was done by Jean-Francois Champollion. - As hieroglyphics presented more opportunities than cuneiform, the language was used for commercial documents, poetry, myths, etc†¦ - Papyrus paper was a major step forward in Egyptian visual communication. - The Egyptians were the first people to produce illustrated manuscripts in which words and pictures were combined to communicate information. - Eventually, Papyrus was used for funerary

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Career Research Plan - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 646 Downloads: 3 Date added: 2019/03/11 Category Career Essay Level High school Tags: Career Plan Essay Did you like this example? Introduction If I wanted to pursue a career in the Human Resource Department, I would have to have a respectable degree or certification of this field. It is very important for myself to have strong communication skills when taking many calls and speaking with employees. Stepping into this job field I should also be ready to step in and be ready to work in a diverse population. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Career Research Plan" essay for you Create order Human Resource is a department of a company which deals with the recruiting, training, screening and administrating the employees of that company. I feel as this career is perfect for myself, because I have a strong passion with working with others and staying organized while handling business. A Human Resource Manager is supposed to look after the company’s employees, make sure they are motivated to do their best for the company’s sake, define perks and benefits they are to receive in order to make sure they don’t want to leave, manage their general performance, define new ways the entire organization may develop in future, deal with health and safety issues, define training programs that will increase the value of employees. As a 9th Freshmen I believe that taking this Business and Technology course it will help me familiarize myself to the business terminology and prepare for college and the job world. This job in particular can be seen as proactive because of their continuous development and functions to improve the company workforce. Human resource management is the type of management where almost everybody in managing position can play apart in training and development. Human resource management is the center of an organization and can be seen as the backbone of the company. This work position connects all departments together to ensure a smooth workflow and communication. This department also works and do their job to ensure the employee is taken care of and that the employee feels that he or she is a valued aspect of the company. Taking care of employees greatly ensures that the employees will in turn provide the best service possible to Managers and such. Throughout this year’s summer, I have gone to work with my mother in HR every week and experience all the business and responsibly she holds for her position. My assignment for the days changed casually from paper filing to payroll on the computer, which I picked up quickly after a few runs. Ever since my mother started her jobs years ago, I grew an interest on computers and everything business related which she thought was adorable and started to educate me here and there. Whether it is watching her answer the phone or helping her employees, I know for sure I can fulfil this role in the future. Salary ranges can vary widely depend on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession. Typically, HR managers are required to have a bachelors degree in Business Administration or Human Resource Management. Once you have completed your courses and received your required bachelor’s degree you may now apply for the work force. With the proper training and education becoming a human resource manager can be a rewarding career. Conclusion As you first start, you should know that your pay is not going to please your desire, because the more experience and years you put in you may receive a raise. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, human resources managers earned an average of $106,910 in 2016 and $51.40 per hour. I did not choose this career because of the money, but for the benefits it provides and the effort it is asking for. In the next 10 years, I plan to work for a corporate company and become its Human Resource Manager who discusses and search for employees to expand the business area while organizing programs while setting up interviews.

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Counselling Case Study - 1112 Words

Introduction This essay is an evaluation of two counselling models applied to a situation where a client has experienced loss and how a counsellor can create a therapeutic relationship with the client using each counselling model. It will also contain other skills a counsellor could use to obtain/maintain a good therapeutic relationship with the client. Outcomes There are 3 main outcomes needed within this assignment. The fist outcome is to distinguish and describe the main principles needed for effective communication and interpersonal communication skills which will ensure the counsellor works with the client successfully. The second outcome is to identify practical and ethical issues needed which would create a safe environment when a†¦show more content†¦This model was created by Carl rogers. He believed for a personality change to occur the counsellor would need to use the six core conditions and use them continuously over a period of time (Rogers, 1957). The first step would have involved the counsellor to create a psychological contact with Felicia. The second step within the process would be the counsellor needs to ensure that Felicia is in a state of incongruence. Incongruence is the difference of the client’s self-image and actual experience. If Felicia’s self-image and actual experiences don’t match it could lead her to feeling vulnerable and create anxiety. On the other hand, the counsellor needs to be congruent. This would mean the counsellor will be himself 100%. This will involve the counsellor being honest and transparent of who they are and not putting up a faà §ade. The counsellor should show unconditional positive regard (UPR) to Felicia. Unconditional positive regard is the counsellor accepting and supporting the client without judging them. The fifth condition the counsellor should actively use would be empathy. Empathy is the skill to understand another individual’s feelings. This is vital within therapy. The counsellor should be able to experience the client’s feelings without it having effect on their emotions. The final condition would be the counsellor and the client have a minimal degree understanding ofShow MoreRelatedCounselling Case Study by Silva1137 Words   |  5 PagesCounselling case study Jayadeva de Silva.M.Sc, FIPM.FITD [pic] Let me introduce Bandara. Bandara has been working as the number two in a medium sized organization for ten years.   It has always been intimated that when Jeremy his boss retires or leaves, Bandara will slip into the number one position and lead the organization. Barry has always had some clear ideas on how he is going to take the organization forward when Jeremy is not there; ideas that have not been taken up in the past. LifeRead MoreCONSIDER SYSTEMIC ISSUES IN A COUNSELLING CASE STUDY.2355 Words   |  10 Pagesï » ¿ D240 TMA 03 CONSIDER SYSTEMIC ISSUES IN A COUNSELLING CASE STUDY. INTRODUCTION Therapeutic approaches to counselling have evolved over the last century as therapists’ attempt to help their clients’ resolve negative patterns of thoughts and emotions. Whilst fear and sadness are said to be naturally occurring human emotions that evolve and form part of ‘life and living’, society is becoming increasingly aware of the negative physiological implications of stress caused by changes in environmentalRead MoreAvailability Of Counselling Services In Nigeria Case Study1267 Words   |  6 PagesAvailability of Counselling Services Counselling services in schools have been found to be lacking (Adejimola Tayo-Olajubu, 2009). This subsequently affects students’ access to information and counselling as to what to do when they have been sexually harassed. Okeke and Okorie (2006) reported from a study in South-East Nigeria that there was a lack of counselling centres in schools. This, they noted, had affected the decision-making of students and resulted in maladjusted behaviours. One-on-oneRead MoreTeaching Methods For Various Purposes1588 Words   |  7 Pages0.1. Counselling have been using the case study methods for various purposes such as documenting, evaluating and disseminating new approaches to therapy; contributing to public understanding of counselling; the development of theory; drawing attention to critical issues and areas of practice; extending and enhancing the interpretability of large-scale outcome studies; and training (McLeod, 2010). For the current case study, I have chosen a somewhat c hallenging case, which has contributed a lot toRead MoreThis Essay Will Consider Systemic (Family And Relationship)1273 Words   |  6 PagesThis essay will consider systemic (family and relationship) issues in a counselling case study. It will present and discuss a fictional case study of a systemically counselled client suffering from the fear and sadness. It will show the role of other people in the individual person’s mental health and present the theory and practice of the systemic counselling. First, it will present the information about the case collected during the first fictional session. Then, it will discuss the client’s issuesRead MoreCounselling Case Study: A Gay Student at Auckland University1254 Words   |  6 PagesUniversity in an attempt to gain recognition from his parents after coming out as homosexual. After moving to Auckland University, James reported experiencing chronic low moods, and as a result of this was then referred to his GP by the U niversity Counselling service. James’ symptoms of chronic low moods and decreased ability to function are characteristic of depressive disorders, and not caused by medications or another mental illness’ that could better explain these symptoms. Mental illness’s causesRead MoreA Day in the Life of Alex Sander1005 Words   |  5 PagesCASE ANALYSIS A day in the life of Alex Sanders: Driving in the fast lane at Landon Care Products By Anshul Gupta Sayan Ghosh Neha Shourie Neha Saraogi Case Study: A Day in the Life of Alex Sander: Driving in the Fast Lane of Landon Care Products. Executive Summary   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   * Alex Sander was the newest and youngest product manager in the toiletries division of Landon care productsRead MoreThe Ethical And Management Issues1466 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction This report will address the ethical and management issues presented in the case studies Seven Eleven, Are organisation’s exploiting ‘non-employees’ and New and challenging HRM issues in China and India. The main ethical issues raised by these case studies are cultural diversity issues, discrimination and employee working conditions. Along with these ethical issues there are also management issues outlined Corporate Greed and an issue Human resource. This resulted in loss of thousandsRead MoreIdentify and Respond to Children and Young People at Risk of Harm1159 Words   |  5 Pagesobservations that together indicate possible ‘risk of significant harm’ Risk of harm is the indication that the child may suffer physical, emotional, and psychological harm because of neglect by the parent or guardian responsible for his care. In Jamelle’s case, indication includes physical signs like; †¢ Various large bruises †¢ Smelling strong urine stale †¢ Dirty and unwashed skin †¢ Lack of fresh changing clothes †¢ Vomiting †¢ Bloodshot eyes †¢ Psychological l problems such as timidness 2. ResponseRead MoreThe Psychodynamic Approach Of Psychology Essay1895 Words   |  8 Pagesapproaches for understanding human nature and the human condition, it also offered a wide range of methods of inquiry to study human behaviour and finally it offered a broader range of more effective methods within professionals who offered this service. (McLeod S.A 2015) The two types of investigations used within psychodynamic psychology are case studies and clinical interviews. Case studies provide accurate data, they are in depth investigations of either an individual, a group or a full community. They

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Book Report On Dying Well Peace And Possibilities At The...

Book report on dying well: Peace and possibilities at the end of life Jonathan Dones Death is one of the most avoided topics because of the finality that comes with it and the fear of the unknown after death. However, there are quite a number of authors such as AtulGawande, Elisabeth Kubler-ross and Ira Byock who have attempted to go ahead and deal with death as a topic and other connected topics.Each of these authors have delved into one of the most revered topics that is death including related topics that come with it such as the dying process itself. Ira Byock’s Dying well: Peace and possibilities at the end of life is a book that looks at the moment prior to death when an individual is terminally sick and is at the point of death. A†¦show more content†¦In looking as dying as the means to end, death, Byock describes the time of dying as ‘a dark foreboding place the end of the road beyond which lies an unknown terrifying terrain’ (34). In this instance, Byock looks dying as an uncertain path that leads into the unknown. At the same ti me, while looking at the topic from the point of view of those who are facing death, Byock uses his personal experience in highlighting how the patients he has come across,in the course of dealing with palliative care patients, view the moments prior to death. While fear is a common factor among the people who face death, Byock looks at some aspects of the final stages that dying people tend to focus more upon and the most significant being the burden they place on the people responsible for them. In view of the same, he states ‘sometimes more than dying people dread becoming dependent on caregivers and making them feel responsible for both financial and physician needs’ (Byock159). The fear of being a burden to others is what dying people may dread as Byock suggests in this quote. Finally, from the perspective of those who are directly related with the dying person, Byock takes a closer look at how they see death. Considering his personal experience with the death of a loved one, he seems to understand dying well. He reiterates that ‘someone who is dying,Show MoreRelatedModern era of Science and Technology1757 Words   |  8 PagesMedical advances that have lead to the possibility of NDEs have blown open this discourse and created a communicative gateway into one of the greatest mysteries of humankind. Religious texts have long been the authority on topics of life and death, but science has since replaced them. In this paper I would like to illuminate what scientists are saying, what near death experiencers are saying, and reveal what one religious thinker is saying about the possibility of cognitive existence post mortem.Read MoreA Brief Note On Physician Assisted Dying ( Pad ) Essay2346 Words   |  10 PagesI. Identification: The topic for my case study is Physician-Assisted Dying (PAD). PAD allows terminally ill patients to choose to die on their own terms before they become medically and mentally incapable of normal function. However, this option as an End-of-Life (EOL) choice is illegal in most states. There are five states where PAD is legal. These states are: Oregon, Washington, Montana, Vermont, and California (Gostin Roberts p.250). After a strict screening process to make sure the patientRead More Women’s Reproductive Rights Are In Danger Essay1728 Words   |  7 Pagesindividual should have the right to choose how to live his or her private life in today’s society without governmental interference or control. Abortion had been illegal since 1880 in the United States, unless it was â€Å"crucial in saving the woman’s life.† According to the Boston Womens Health Book Collective, by the 1950s, â€Å"about one million illegal abortions were performed annually,† resulting in one out of 1,000 women dying in the process. Accordingly, this brought to the forefront the importanceRead MoreStages of Life6505 Words   |  27 PagesStages of Life Paper Adult Development Psychotherapy I believe that adult development theory is not sufficiently emphasized in our psychology and counseling training schools. This is unfortunate, because I believe it offers a unique and helpful perspective to the task of psychotherapy. Because I wish to offer to my prospective patients some idea of the importance of this topic, and how it informs my clinical practice, I offer below a synopsis of the theory and its development. In aRead MoreThe Effects Of Radicalization On A Hurting Earth3835 Words   |  16 Pagesgrandchildren to grow up in? The Earth is hurting today. We see it in the effects of global climate change – the melting of glaciers and ice caps; the increasing desertification of vast tracts of land – in Africa, the US southwest, other places; the dying of coral reefs – I saw this on my most recent trip – it is happening all over the world; the frequency and severity of severe storms and natural disasters. Scientists now say global climate change is occurring much more rapidly than originally predictedRead MoreTheories of resurrection of the body are logically incoherent.2679 Words   |  11 Pagesplausibility of resurrection. Some may believe that resurrection is only based on theories, therefore not proved beyond doubt, and that these theories dont make sense. Hard materialists such as Hume will support this view, saying that death is the end and the decomposing body is evidence of that. However this opinion may not necessarily be true. The base of many theories of resurrection is the bible, which suggests that talk of physical resurrection of Jesus is logical as there is recorded evidenceRead MoreSociety’s Most Recent Scapegoat: Video Gaming1637 Words   |  7 Pageshostility.† Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, a former U.S. Army Ranger and tactical trainer, would go as far as to say that video games not only encourage violent behavior, but teach their players how to partake in it themselves (Hoerrner). While the possibility of violent video games having a negative influence on their players may be up for debate, David Walsh, the president and founder of the National Institute on Media and the Family, insists that games within any genre can contribute to negative behaviorRead MoreUS Intelligence Sees Cyber Threats Eclipsing Terrorism: An Analysis6653 Words   |  27 Pagesinternational scene has reshaped the national security strategy in order to better and more efficiently address the issue of terrorism and unconventional threats. In this sense, the 9/11 Commission Report had suggested a failure in the way in which the US organized its information support agencies (The 9/11 Commission Report, 2002); therefore the 2002 National Security Strategy had addressed precisely this issue (The White House, 2002). Moreover, as a second point in the document, the US considered that oneRead MoreImpacts of Historical Globalization.6706 Words   |  27 Pagesmy world. Two ways I talk Both ways I say, Your way is more powerful. So gently I offer my hand and ask, Let me find my talk So I can teach you about me. 5. The following is a quotation, from Brian Maracles book Crazywater in which the subject is explaining why native alcoholism is connected to the residential schools: Figure it this way, over sixty thousand natives were processed through those schools since they started and you got generation on generationRead MoreEssay on The United States Dilemma Towards North Korea4763 Words   |  20 PagesThe United States Dilemma Towards North Korea United States Dilemma towards North Korea A dying nation with nuclear capabilities The United States has been presented a dilemma towards its foreign policy with the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (North Korea). North Koreas alleged launch of a new Taepo-Dong I missile on August 31, 1998 has heightened American worries and escalated an already tense situation with North Korea. The United States response

The Snow Man by Wallace Stevens Free Essays

Afterlife: the complete emptiness Wallace Stevens (1879–1955) wrote most of his poems during the world wars period, which took the lives of millions of people. As a result, Wallace Stevens started to question the importance of religion in the modern era, and felt that you should enjoy your life in the present and not waste time living for an afterlife. In his poem â€Å"The Snow Man†, Stevens describes a harsh winter environment creating a unique dramatic situation through an effective imagery. We will write a custom essay sample on The Snow Man by Wallace Stevens or any similar topic only for you Order Now He leads the reader from a relatively objective description of a winter scene to a subjective emotional response. Roberts Pack’s essay on â€Å"The Snow Man† discusses the idea of perception, while David Perkins while focuses on the relationship between imagination and reality through the perspective of the snow man. Is Wallace Steven concerned with imagination and reality, or perception? In â€Å"The Snow Man†, the atypical syntax and logic of the poem, as well as the usage of imagery, compels the reader to perceive the poem from an untraditional in order to both understand the role of nature and realize its very theme is death. The title of the poem â€Å"The Snow Man† is very confusing for the reader. At first we â€Å"visualize balls of snow placed on top of each other, coals for eyes, a carrot nose† as Perkins implies, and don’t see the relation with the poem. But after a few readings we discover the snow man and the listener are one individual. The lines â€Å"One must have a mind of winter† (1. 1) and â€Å"And have been cold a long time†(2. 1) indicate in my opinion the listener is dead. Why so? Winter implies cold, and cold equals death. So if the snow man has a mind of winter, it means he is dead. The snow man is indeed an image to describe this dead body, which is recovered by ice and snow. It is also a symbol of the cycle of life, which always ends with death. Once spring is here, the snow man will melt, it won’t last forever. Just like a dead body would decompose, and turn into dust. In fact, we get the sense that we are reading through the listener’s mind. The first thing that is noticeable about the poem is that it is actually just one long, complex sentence, there is no rhyme, and each line has a different length. One question that may arise with is this: if the poem really was meant to imitate the mind’s flow of thought, then why did Stevens write it in just one line instead of dividing it into five tercets? Without this specific structure the poem would lose in mood and tone. The dramatic situation is set on a cold and quiet winter day, with very little movement in the surroundings. The poem itself should be the same, gentle and unhurried. This is achieved with the use of pauses after lines and stanzas. Because when someone dies his soul is liberated from the burdens of life. The fourth line of the poem gives it this mood and tone too. It provides a further slowing down with the use of one syllable words, and of assonance with the long â€Å"o† sound â€Å"cold/long†, reinforcing the idea of the time passing and death. We can divide the poem into two distinctive parts. The first part (from the beginning to half of the seventh line â€Å"Of the January sun†), correlates with the dead man losing all sorts of feelings because of the cold. The speaker describes the harshness off the environment surrounding the dead man. The words employed are very particular, achieving nuances which contribute to the vividness of the picture. For instance, the word â€Å"crusted†(1. 3) is used instead of â€Å"covered,† suggesting not only that it covers, but also the snow’s firmness and roughness. We can assimilate the snow to the roots of a tree. It is obvious that there is an accumulation of the â€Å"r† sound, as in â€Å"regard,† â€Å"frost,† â€Å"pine-trees†, â€Å"crusted†, â€Å"junipers†, spruces†, â€Å"rough†, â€Å"glitter†, and â€Å"January†, adding vividness to the description. One particular image contained in these lines is that of the â€Å"distant glitter/ of the January sun† (2. 3/3. 1). The use of the sound â€Å"i† in assonance, support the idea that the sun is so distant, it has no effect. The enjambment and the separation of the phrase â€Å"of the January sun† into the next stanza, also relates this idea of distance. So even if the sun is visible in the sky, it doesn’t play its true role: provide heat. The speaker is almost saying he prefers darkness. The dead man losing his mind is the main subject of the second part (from and â€Å"not to think† to the end). The listener considers his self a snow man, enabling him to view the world through different eyes, and thus enables him to see the vivid little details of the scene, which he would not normally see. The dead man is leaving behind his own mind and assuming the snow man’s mind, liberating him from any sufferance. This idea is supported by the word â€Å"think†, emphasized by the enjambment â€Å"and not to think / of any misery†(3. -2). Therefore, it is clear these lines aim to appeal to the reader’s sense of hearing. It contains multiple instances of the word â€Å"sound,† as well as the words â€Å"listener† and â€Å"listen. † In addition, there also is a prevailing use of the sound â€Å"s† – â€Å"misery,† â€Å"sound,† â€Å"leaves,† â€Å"same,† â€Å"listener,† â€Å"listens,† and â€Å"snow†, which mimics the hissing â€Å"sound of the wind†(3. 2). On top of this, it is known that the absence of one sense contributes to the acuteness of another. In this instance, the dead man gives up his sense of sight, and tries listening instead of looking. He is able to hear the normally soft, quiet â€Å"sound the wind†, and â€Å"the sound of a few leaves†(3. 3). I think the speaker addresses the use of sound, because sound tells us a lot about our surroundings even if we don’t use our vision. In our society sound enables us to communicate, and to lose this sense indirectly signifies we are as good dead. Another aspect of this process is the movement from something particular and small to something more vague and vast. The â€Å"boughs of pine-trees,† â€Å"the junipers,† and â€Å"the spruces† disappear to become â€Å"the same bare place†, and â€Å"the sound of a few leaves† becomes â€Å"the sound of the land†. Along the poem, the dead man disregards his self. Slowly he loses his thought (death of the mind) and feelings (death of the body), then his sense’s from sight to hearing are reduced, and finally loses his distinctiveness by assuming the snow man’s mind. And, since the mind of a snow man is lifeless, the listener would ultimately become nothing, as stated in the 14th line â€Å"And, nothing himself†. This idea of â€Å"being nothing† is, given importance by putting the phrase, â€Å"nothing himself† in the middle of the line instead of the beginning or end, and by the repetition of the word â€Å"nothing† in the last two lines. The last line of the poem â€Å"Nothing that is not there and the nothing that is†(5. 3), the longest of it, is given more importance because it holds the key to Steven’s message. The fricative â€Å"th† gives it an echoing sound. The line starts with the word â€Å"behold† (it means to see) due to the use of the enjambment in line 14, which emphasises the message of this particular word. By combining the words â€Å"Behold† and â€Å"nothing†, Stevens is saying the dead man, aka the â€Å"listener†, is just sitting there dead and there is nothing, nothing to think about and nothing to do. Even if the speaker does a concession in by opposing â€Å"is not there† vs â€Å"that is†. The speaker is inducing there is nothing in the afterlife. In conclusion, â€Å"The Snow Man† is a poem about death, and the emptiness of the world. The dead man or the listener gradually loses his body, and then his mind to a snow man. The snow man is an image of the body in this cold environment. By assuming the mind of a snow man, he is condemning himself to disappear physically and mentally. Wrapping it up can be argued Wallace Stevens message is that there is no afterlife and there is no point in believing in religion. It would be interesting to study how Stevens personal and professional life shaped his opinion on religion. Work Cited †¢ Wallace, Stevens. â€Å"The Snow Man†. The Columbia Anthology of American Poetry. Jay Parini. New York. Columbia University Press. Page 310. Print. †¢ Pack Robert. Wallace Stevens: An approach to his poetry and thought. New Brunswick: Rutgers UP, 1958. Copyright  © 1958 by Rutgers, The State University. †¢ Perkins, David. A History of Modern Poetry: From the 1890s to the High Modernist Mode (Cambridge: Harvard U P, 1976), 542-544 How to cite The Snow Man by Wallace Stevens, Papers

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International Journal Geriatric Psychiatryâ€Myassignmenrthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The International Journal Geriatric Psychiatry? Answer: Introducation Census studies suggest that the percentage of people with dementia is increasing at an alarming rate. However, dementia research is severely underfunded. The government spends more money for cancer and cardiovascular research. The disease lingers for several years and makes the cost extremely high. The lobbying board should agree on the formation of campaigns. The expected results should be kept confidential. A budget should be developed for the campaign. Increased funding can be lobbied by organizing staff and volunteer meetings, press conferences, hosting special events like rallies and protests, employment of additional staff members and public relations personnel (Knapp, Iemmi and Romeo 2013). Educating carers on accessing funding The persons suffering through dementia goes through a large scale of social and health costs along with reduced quality of life and shorter life span that put impacts not only their condition but also to the family members. The way of accessing the increased funding should be educated to the carers (Oconnell et al. 2012). Thus, with increased funding the carers should be educated in providing seamless, planned and proactive support services in treating the individual suffering through dementia. The different health boards should be trained to develop the care pathways to provide the dementia patients with best possible care and assistance. The carers should also be trained to conduct profound research on the occurrence and pathophysiology of dementia with increased fund. activities that will promote the strategies A clear written submission should be prepared based on research, consultation and assessment possible and achievable outcomes. The submission must be precise and contain the key arguments along with relevant examples and data that relate low dementia funding to improper care. The reasons well as the reasons for granting your request. The submission should contain accurate data to justify the purpose of granting more funds and should be easy to interpret by health officials (von Ltzau-Hohlbein 2016). Meetings should be organized with ministers and high level officials. Having a representative from any dementia based organization would add much needed support. Participation from some activists would increase the chances of success. These meeting will motivate volunteers from different offices who will take initiative to promote fundraising campaigns (Giebel et al. 2017). Planning a proper media strategy is another one. The sympathetic coverage of media usually increases the politicians access that can result in news that leads to profound media coverage. This results in raising the public awareness about the issue. Proper interviews with delivering the correct message through campaign should be arranged. The professionalism should be maintained with respect to the position in the organization. Along with that the spokespersons delivering the message should be prepared in answering the difficult questions with quick response to contradicting views (Fortinsky and Downs 2014). This is important because: It is the single major cause of mental disability among Australians above 65 years of age. In 2011, there were 298,000 people in Australia with dementia. This number is expected to markedly increase over time. There will be about 536,164 people with dementia by the year 2025 (Australia 2013). References Australia, A., 2013. Statistics: Summary of dementia statistics in Australia. Fortinsky, R.H. and Downs, M., 2014. Optimizing person-centered transitions in the dementia journey: A comparison of national dementia strategies.Health Affairs,33(4), pp.566-573. Giebel, C., Roe, B., Hodgson, A., Britt, D., Clarkson, P. and HoST-D (Home Support in Dementia) Programme Management Group and Patient Public and Carer Involvement Groups, 2017. Effective public involvement in the HoST-D Programme for dementia home care support: From proposal and design to methods of data collection (innovative practice).Dementia, p.1471301216687698. Knapp, M., Iemmi, V. and Romeo, R., 2013. Dementia care costs and outcomes: a systematic review.International journal of geriatric psychiatry,28(6), pp.551-561. Oconnell, B., Hawkins, M., Ostaszkiewicz, J. and Millar, L., 2012. Carers perspectives of respite care in Australia: an evaluative study.Contemporary nurse,41(1), pp.111-119. von Ltzau-Hohlbein, H., 2016. Prioritising Dementia 06 AE and its member organisations discuss development of a model dementia strategy.